Property Marketers

Estate Agents, Solicitors and Registered Social Landlords commission Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) as part of the marketing process.


In August 2007, the Energy Performance Certificate was first introduced as part of the Home Information Pack to inform homeowners about the energy efficiency of their properties. The EPC aimed to inspire property owners to make improvements both to reduce the CO2 emissions and to save potentially significant sums of money over the years through fuel cost savings.

The phased introduction meant that every property bought, let or built from 2008 needed an EPC by law before it could be marketed.

The rules have been updated since then but EPCs remain a legal requirement. The certificate is valid for 10 years.

Bierce can assist by providing more than just the EPC when a property is marketed. We can supply bespoke floor plans in colour, and 2D or 3D, as well as professional photography that really enhances property marketing when used in property portals, company websites and brochures. We can supply a number of examples of Floor Plan layouts for you to select and in the style of your corporate branding if required.

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